Michigan democrats get tough on rising drug costs

Posted at 7:29 AM, Aug 22, 2017

State democrats announced their plan to tackle rapidly increasing prescription drug costs.

State Capitol news conference speakers included State Representatives Andy Schor and Tom Cochran, as well as Garrett Clindard, who says he's a victim of prescription drug price gouging.

The house minority democratic leader Sam Singh explained how the plan will cut down on rising costs.

"We're not necessarily telling a company how to price their product, but we want to make sure that the citizens are protected and that when an unscrupulous company decides to jack up their prices without any rationale that we have the tools within the consumer protection act to be able to take action."

According to the Michigan House Democrats website -- on average -- drug prices went up 10 percent in 20-16.
This is the third straight year of double-digit increases.