Michigan councilman apologizes for remarks about immigrants

Posted at 1:12 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 13:12:48-04

A councilman in a diverse Detroit enclave has apologized for comments he made about Yemeni and Bangladeshi immigrants and avoided censure by the elected body.

Hamtramck (Ham-TRAM'-ick) Councilman Ian Perrotta said Tuesday he never meant ill-will or to disparage any group in comments earlier this month to WWJ-AM. He said then some of the city's trash problems stem from the fact that many of the city's immigrants come from places where sanitation programs are unavailable or not a priority.

A resolution expressing disapproval and calling his remarks "bigoted" was scrapped before a vote.

Muslims hold four of the council's seats in a city that was settled by Germans, became predominantly Polish in the early 1900s and now has a slight majority of Muslims from Yemen, Bangladesh and Bosnia-Herzegovina.