Michigan Congressman John Conyers' son found safe

Posted at 7:24 AM, Nov 18, 2016

The youngest son of Michigan Congressman John Conyers is found safe in Texas.

21-year old Carl Conyers is a student at the University of Houston and was last seen Tuesday night by his roommate.

Both Congressman John Conyers and wife Monica have been worried about their son, and Monica Conyers flew to Houston to help in the search for her son. The FBI and Secret Service also joined the search for Conyers since he is the son of a Congressman.

Conyers' roommate says Carl shaved off his beard before he went missing which he says was bizarre. Friends say they received messages from a person claiming to be Carl asking them to meet him on campus. When they rushed to the location, no one was there, but when they returned to Conyers' apartment, his identification, and clothes were missing.

Monica Conyers says her son is a responsible person and says the behavior isn't typical of Carl. No word on where he was found in Texas but authorities confirm he is safe.