Michigan Ave is getting much needed roadwork

Posted at 7:45 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 19:45:13-04

Jake Flanders is ecstatic that Michigan Ave is finally going to be re-paved. He works on Michigan Ave and says the road doesn't reflect what it means to the area:

"It's probably the worst road in Lansing, from the capital to campus, and it's probably the most important road in Lansing cause it connects the capital and campus."

And he isn't the only one. Ruth Leyrer runs a family owned buisness and is ready for a change.

Businesses are hoping that less of the bumps and potholes will pave the way towards more success for their stores and restaurants, but it won't be a long term fix.

"Our hope is it will last between three and seven years," explains Chad Gamble of the Lansing Public Service Department, "that will allow us time to work with CATA, to work with local residents and business owners, and what exactly this corridor will look like."

Gamble believes the avenue couldn't wait any longer:

"We do know that Michigan Avenue needs a little bit of TLC and we're really excited to offer that here, starting this coming Monday."

The paving itself will go from Sparrow hospital to route 127 and the roadwork will take away some lanes while it's being completed which will be broken down into two phases: the first will focus on the outer lanes, closest to the curb, and the second phase will work on the three middle lanes, including the turn lane. Each phase is expected to take about five days.

Business owners like Leyrer are extremely excited for the newly paved road, "I'm thrilled that they're finally doing something on the avenue," she exclaims, "because we need it desperately."

The project will begin Monday, October 17th and is expected to take 2 weeks.