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MI referee gets chance to live out Olympic dreams

Posted: 8:19 AM, Feb 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-02 09:26:39-05
MI referee gets chance to live out Olympic dream
MI referee gets chance to live out Olympic dream

It's not just athletes who will be living out their Olympic dreams. Melissa Szkola of Port Huron is headed to Pyeongchang, not as the figure skater she grew up hoping to be, but as a hockey referee.

Szkola grew up in a skating family in Port Huron, her brother played hockey, she and her sisters figure skated and her parents curled.

In college at Oakland University, she traded her figure skates for hockey gear to play on the club team, as a graduate student at Wayne State University, she played in a recreational league, where she met her future husband, Jim, who was also a hockey referee.

After lots of hard work, Szkola was one of four women picked, and one of seven Americans chosen to officiate in the Olympic Games.

But once she gets to South Korea, Szkola won't represent the United States, she'll be an unbiased official.

It's a different dream than the one Szkola grew up with.

But one that still includes the Olympic rings, for her, is just as special.