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Meridian Township approves permits for new dealerships

Posted at 9:09 AM, Dec 11, 2018

The Meridian Township Planning Commission approved special use permits, allowing two new car dealerships to roll into town.

Grand River Avenue from Central Park Drive to Powell Road is quiet and undeveloped and some residents in the area say they want to keep it that way.

Monday night the commission opened the floor for residents to express their concerns about a plan to build two new car dealerships on the 1400 and 1600 blocks of Grand River Avenue in Okemos.

Lafontaine Automotive Group and Nissan Fox requested a special use permit from the township, a permit that is required for the development.

Township Supervisor Frank Walsh told FOX 47 the proposed area is zoned for commercial use and the projects could be a benefit to the community.

“There are no variances”, Walsh explained.

“They've offered us an abundance of greenspace. They've talked about the protection of trees. At the end of the day I think it's the right spot for this kind of development and I think we can still have our country space within the township which we so desire but in this particular area on Grand River it's probably the right spot for this development.”

But some people who live nearby say the dealerships will bring more traffic, light pollution and depress the quality of living in the area.

Walsh says once the site plans are approved construction on the projects could start within three months.