Menards Home Improvement Topic: "More than just a Beautiful Front Door"

Posted: 11:04 AM, Aug 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-06 15:04:01Z
Menards Home Improvement Topic: "More than just a Beautiful Front Door"

Have you been meaning to replace your old front door but keep finding ways to put it off? Now may be the time to do it. The front door is an important part of any home for many reasons. Consider the following basic factors when purchasing a front door, regardless if you prefer a fiberglass, steel or wood front door.


  •  Is it difficult to close all the way, maybe it sticks or shakes a bit?
  •  Has the lock become unreliable and difficult to latch at times, or doesn’t line up right?
  •  Are you noticing water leaking in the bottom, does the floor get wet when it rains or is there moisture during colder, winter months?
  •  Is rust or mold evident, building up on some parts of the door?


Most people seem to enter their home through the garage these days or a back door. But, that doesn’t minimize the importance of having a well-functioning front door. Remember, the most common way that intruders might break in to your house is through the front door. A new, secure front door might be the first step towards securing your home, especially with the variety of locking systems available these days.


Not only will your home be safer with a new front door, it will be more energy efficient. An older door is more likely to have holes or leaks in it, allowing outside air to get inside and inside air to escape as well. No matter the weather, you will be leaking cold or hot air. It’s important to assess the quality of your front door and to consider adding weather stripping or purchasing a new, energy efficient door.


The first impression of a house can be dramatically improved by the front door. Enhance the exterior of your home and improve curb appeal and resale value, especially beneficial if you are planning a move in the future. Since the front door is a focal point for most homes, a quality front door will set the tone and improve a home’s appearance.

Assess your situation and consider replacing your old door with a new door that the neighbors will notice, plus provides some long-term energy savings and allows you to sleep more comfortably at night knowing your home is secure.