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Menards: Changing your Room

Posted at 3:45 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 15:45:03-05

A room’s design can literally affect your mood. When you start getting sick of looking at your home décor, or just want to feel different about your home for an upcoming get together, you can instantly transform a room without overspending. We’re not talking about a full makeover mindset, but instead investing in a few statement pieces that will make a large impact.

DIM THE ROOM A room dimmer for all lamps and lighting sources allows for flexibility depending on the time of day, event or mood, plus they provide energy savings. Turning the light level up or down or investing in various lampshades can instantly change the feel of a room.

TRANSFORM WITH RUGS Adding an area rug with a pattern or color is a budget-friendly instant statement that can be put over carpet or wood floors to create a new look or warmth.

ADD CANDLES Candles are a very inexpensive way to instantly change the space by adding a table centerpiece or strategically placing them around the room for a soothing, mellow effect.

REARRANGE THE WALL A gallery wall is a great way to change your decorating strategy. The great thing about them is that every single one of them is different. Family photos or artwork can be hung in several different ways to create a completely different look.

USE YOUR MANTELS There are several places throughout your home that can easily be changed. When the mood strikes for a holiday or season, one of the easiest things to change is a mantel. It doesn’t have to be complicated or filled with many things. Usually you can start with one larger item placed in either the center or to one side, then add things to suit your taste.

SWITCH UP ACCESSORIES The accessories, knickknacks and table displays you use in a room are all super effective ways to change the vibe of a space. Adding some trim or a band of fabric is great when spicing up curtains. Couch cushions, pillows, or throws can instantly tie together a color scheme.

DO SOME REARRANGING Remember that the arrangement of the room’s contents are nearly as important as the contents themselves. Unexpected items placed throughout the home can keep a room fresh.