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Mayor-Elect Schor announces his management team

Posted at 2:19 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 14:19:22-05

Mayor-Elect Andy Schor announced Monday his Executive Management Team for 2018.

The following people will serve as Department Directors for the Departments of Lansing City government:

- Jim Smiertka, City Attorney
- Brian McGrain, Economic Development and Planning Department
- Angela Bennett, Finance Department
- Randall Talifarro, Fire Department (Shared with East Lansing)
- Linda Sanchez Gazella, Human Resources Department
- Joan Jackson Johnson, Human Services and Community Services Department
- Collin Boyce, Information Technology Department
- Andrea Crawford, Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement Department (New Department)
- Brett Kashinske, Parks Department
- Michael Yankowski, Police Department
- Andrew Kilpatrick, Public Services Department
- Tammy Good, Treasurer Department

“I’m excited for this team - an experienced group of individuals who share my passion and vision for the City of Lansing,” said Schor. “There is a lot of work to be done, and this team will be critical to ensuring success for Lansing’s future.”

There are four new department directors to serve the community.

They are Linda Sanchez Gazella, the City’s transportation engineer, Andrew Kilpatrick, will be promoted to Public Service Director, Andrea Crawford will run the new Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement, and Brian McGrain will be the Director of Economic Development and Planning.

According to Schor, he is maintaining a portion of the experienced team already in place under Mayor Bernero.

Angie Bennett will continue to run the Finance department, Chief Information Officer Collin Boyce will remain in that position, and Treasurer will still be Tammy Good.

The Human Relations and Community Services Department will continue under the leadership of Director Joan Jackson-Johnson, Ph.D., and Brett Kaschinske will continue as Director of Parks and Recreation. 

City Attorney Jim Smiertka will continue running the city’s legal operations. Lansing’s Fire Department will continue to be led by Chief Randy Talifarro and Chief Mike Yankowski will continue to run Lansing’s Police Department.