Mayor Bernero hosts Mayor-elect Schor at cabinet meeting

Lansing's current and future mayors are working together on the transition.

Mayor Virg Bernero hosted Mayor-elect Andy Schor at Monday morning's cabinet meeting to give his successor the lay of the land from inside City Hall. The mayor says he left the future of police headquarters and the city lock-up out of the deal because he thinks that should be up to the Schor Administration.

Mayor-elect Schor says there is plenty of time to deal with it. He said, "We have time. We have another building being built before this one is emptied out so it's what 18 to 24 months somewhere in that range so we're gonna start immediately in having conversations laying out options."

Mayor-elect Schor says it would be too expensive to send everyone taken into custody to the Ingham County Jail in Mason. He and Mayor Bernero plan to meet with the county commissioners as well as East Lansing to come up with a solution.