Mass held in memory of Kalamazoo victims

Posted at 6:23 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 18:23:10-05

The Kalamazoo community is in mourning after this weekend's shootings.

"Why did this tragedy happen here in beautiful Kalamazoo" asked Bishop Paul Bradley during Monday's mass.

The cathedral devoted it's already scheduled mass to the victims of this weekend's shootings.

"We can not let anything like this happen ever again, said Bishop Bradley. "This is the first time something so vicious, terrible happened in this community. I pray it's the last."

Hundreds of people from the community attended the mass and so did some from the surrounding area.

"I've watched it on TV like everybody else has and you can't help but feel for the family and for all of those that are suffering right now" said Mary Runchey.

Runchey drove half an hour to support the Kalamazoo community and take the moment to think about the lives lost.

"After communion when I was having some quiet reflection time. I couldn't help but tear up when I looked at the names," said Runchey. "I didn't know these people but they weren't expecting this to happen in their life."

As the community is trying to wrap their minds around the shooting. So is a family friend of suspect Jason Dalton.

"All I want to tell people is that this is just not Jason" said Dolores Axe.

She attended the mass because she also needed to reflect.

"I pray for the victims but I also pray for him because something went wrong and I don't know" said Axe.

Axe and her son went to high school together and she says the man that is suspected of shooting 8 people isn't the man she knows.

Like the rest of the community she's left with questions but after attending the mass she is trying to heal with her faith.

"It is my faith and because I gotta put it into God's hands" said Axe.