Marsh Road bridge construction ending soon

Posted at 7:25 AM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 07:25:48-04

Crews have been working on the Marsh Road bridge in Haslett since mid-March. Some say it's felt like forever.

"They took it right down to new girders, new concrete, the whole works," Kevin Willett, who owns the Haslett Village Barber Shop near the bridge at Marsh Road and Haslett Road, said. He says it did look like the 52-year-old bridge needed it.

"Ignorance is bliss because I just drove over it and kept going, but walking across it was obvious, chunks were coming off, it's an old bridge," Willett said.

Crews are finishing up the work, and one of the last things they have to do is pour the concrete.

"It's going to open it up for more volume of traffic. People that had avoided it in the past will be more comfortable to come out here," Willett said.

After the concrete is poured, crews will have to shut down the bridge for several days because the concrete has to settle, and the vibrations from cars driving by could mess with that. The bridge should reopen Monday.

"We've got to go all the way around everywhere, we've got to find our own ways to get to where we want to go," local business owner Jonathon Rivas said. "It's just, it's annoying."

His shop, Jonathon's Hair Station, is on Haslett Road near Marsh. He says the bridge fully reopening will be good for business.

"Everyone right now with the construction everywhere, they just want to avoid the area, I'm sure," Rivas said. "We'll definitely have more business for sure. That's good for all."

While the road is closed over the weekend, drivers will be directed to take a detour. That route will be from Central Park Drive to Okemos Road to Haslett Road.