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How to save money on cell phone data costs

Posted at 9:52 AM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 09:58:19-05

Have you noticed cell phone price plans have all but disappeared? A new report says T-Mobile and Sprint are phasing out their super low cost phone and data plans and that prices for everyone may be heading up.

Remember a few years ago when major carriers were advertising monthly plans for less than 50 dollars a month? The Wall Street Journal says the price wars are over.

It says Sprint and T-Mobile have decided to stop battling  for deep discount customers and instead will now compete with At&T and Verizon for people willing to pay more.

It all means your bill will keep going up. Perks like  free iPhones will also come to an end.

The Wall street Journal says the new iPhone 8 and 10 are much more expensive than the old 4's and 5's. If you want a new iPhone be prepared to pay. did a comparison and said AT&T offers the best deal for a traditional network. It also says consider discounters like Boost, Metro PCS, and Republic Wireless.

If you don't mind pre-paying, Nerd Wallet says Cricket Wireless is your Best bet. If you need a low priced plan, a prepaid phone from Boost, Cricket or Straight Talk may be your best bet at this point in order to keep your bill down.