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Loggins case dropped, use of force under review

Loggins case dropped, use of force under review
Posted at 9:17 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 06:31:14-04

LANSING TOWNSHIP, MI (WSYM) - — The Ingham County Prosecutor's Office is reviewing the video of an East Lansing Police arrest last December.

Both sides agree the case wasn't handled properly the first time around.

62-year old Anthony Loggins was arrested in Lansing Township in December of 2019 for driving with a suspended license.

Body Camera footage shows Officer Andrew Stephenson puts his knee on Loggins' neck.

Loggins claimed excessive force.

The City of East Lansing asked for a "Use of force" review in March.

"The State Police wrote a report saying that this is what's allowed," said East Lansing Mayor Ruth Beier. "We assumed that the prosecutor also reviewed for excessive force."

But that never happened.

"She interpreted our request -- which was not clear enough -- to review for whether the city should prosecute Loggins," said Beier. "She never reviewed the video to see if there was excessive force. There was just a misunderstanding in what we asked her to do in the first place."

Last week the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office dismissed the charges against Loggins.

Prosecutor Carol Siemon tells FOX 47 News the original warrant request didn't mention the force complaint and didn't include the dashboard or body camera footage.

Siemon now says her office would not have authorized the charges if it had all the information at the time.

It's now conducting a "Use of force" review at the city's request.

Beier tells FOX 47 News nothing will happen with Officer Stephenson unless the prosecutor's office determines he used excessive force.

State police cleared him in two separate arrests.

That was one of the issues behind last week's protest in East Lansing.

You can read documents and view body camera footage here.