Locals helping undocumented immigrants get water

Posted at 11:40 AM, Jan 25, 2016

Thousands of people in Flint are too scared to get clean water because they're undocumented. The state says they will no longer require identification to pick up water but some people are still too scared to get what they need.

Adia Cuadrado along with members of the "Action for Greater Lansing" are collecting water just for those undocumented immigrants.

"When undocumented individuals are suffering, they suffer until somebody is aware that they are suffering and helps them out" said volunteer Guillermo Lopez.

Parishioners at Cristo Rey Catholic Community and members of "Action for Greater Lansing" don't want anyone in Flint to be afraid to ask for help. So they are going to help them.

"Undocumented people are people who come here just like me and just like others with the same kind of dream" said Cuadrado. "Many times they're used to being left in the shadows."

The state says they will no longer require identification at pick up locations but Cuadrado doesn't think it's completely true.

"They say it is not a requirement to ask for identification now there's a lot of things here that doesn't require drivers licenses but it's still being asked for" Cuadrado explains.

Instead of taking the donation to the Red Cross, the group is taking it to their sister church in Flint.

"Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Flint is a primarily Hispanic parish and it's a place people will have confidence to go to and not be afraid" said Father Fred Thelen of Cristo Rey.

There they know they'll be able to get the water into the right hands.

"When we take an action if it's a small one it doesn't matter. There's so many times when you feel powerless in what you're doing" Cuadrado said.