Local teen chef creates healthy meals

Posted at 10:08 AM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 08:34:53-05

In this kitchen, you'll find state of the art equipment, recipes to leave your mouth watering and teenagers at the stove top.

Adelaide Cox and other students from across Mid-Michigan cook up a storm at the Capital Area Career Center in Mason.

The 17-year-old takes classes through the Nexus Academy of Lansing, and that gives her the time to cook up recipes that are healthy and tasty.

She whipped up an entire healthy line up to show us that those New Years resolutions can be saved.

Up first, a goat cheese, pecan and strawberry salad. Mix greens with the ingredients and then add dressing.

The secret to this one, make your own vinaigrette.

"Vinegar in first," says Cox, "you just slowly mix it, and then you slowly, slowly, slowly add your oil."

Then the main course, grilled salmon with asparagus and rice.

Pan sear salmon and cook in olive oil. You can mix fresh vegetables into the long grained rice.

She says skip the butter on top of the fish, go for crème fraîche instead to keep things healthy. You can glaze the fish with seasoning and lemon juice.

There is room for dessert. Cox cooked a pink lemon Greek mousse.

Here's what to add:

"Greek yogurt, with cream cheese and a raspberry coulis dessert," says Cox.

Then, you can mix in the raspberry coulis. Mix berries and sugar to taste and heat on the stove.

Adelaide plans to someday operate her own catering business. Taking courses at Nexus, cooking at the Career Center and even interning at the Stillwater Grill in Okemos are prepping her for the real world.

"There are amazing opportunities and they will get you paid," says Cox "Just choose it and put the work in."

A healthy eating line up, all made by a promising young chef.