Local students train for law enforcement careers

MASON, MIch. (WSYM) - FOX 47's Lora Painter heads into the law enforcement academy at the Wilson Talent Center in Mason to learn the various training activities local teens go through to start their careers in policing, crime investigations, and protecting the public.

Students learn tactics that can be used to take-on criminals, plus, solving mock crimes by collecting simulated evidence, testing blood and searching for fingerprints.

Mazzy Reed, a law enforcemtn student, said, "I'm a pretty small person. I'm starting to learn more about how to help deal with people that are bigger size."

The program helps students become local police officers, county sheriff deputies, state police, and natural resource officers. Studnets can also train for many federal law enfrocemnt careers in the FBI, the military branch police, and Homeland Security.

Jorge Gomez, a law enforcement instructor at the Wilson Talent Center, said, "Recruits, when they get the opportunity to get hands-on, they really learn much better. It gives them confidence that when they get out on the road."