Local rivers to rise, cause flooding

Posted at 7:05 AM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 08:35:08-04

Winter weather is not quite over just yet.

A mix of rain and snow, accompanied by wind is causing many local bodies of water to rise.

"We are going to see some minor flooding,"said Ronda Oberlin, Hazard Mitigation Coordinator for the City of Lansing Emergency Management Team. "There's going to be flooded roads, flooded parks, and the River Trail is going to be impassable in some areas."

Oberlin tells me some of the key spots to watch out for are areas near the Sycamore Creek, the Red Cedar River, Grand River, the railroad underpass between Clippert and Aurelius and the Kalamazoo Street underpass.

But one key area drivers should watch out for, she says is located near the Potter Park Zoo.

"Pennsylvania Avenue near Potter Park is an early flood area, " Orberlin said. "Pennsylvania Avenue will probably be closed over the weekend so people should avoid the area."

Oberlin also says homeowners should be on the lookout.

"People that live near the river should keep an eye on the river," she said. "Debris in the river can sometimes cause localized flooding ... we really want people to keep an eye out on those things."

And for those driving.

Oberlin says it's not save to try to drive through water in your car.
"Your car could stall or get stuck .... and you don't know how deep the water is ," she adds. " Drivers should take a few extra minutes to find a way to get around the water."

If you see a problem spot, call 911.