Local fire department enjoys Olive Garden "thank you" lunch delivery

Posted at 9:42 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-05 07:27:49-04

This delivery means so much more to them then just breadsticks and pasta, it's a show of appreciation.

"We're here a third of our lives, and we aren't going to get the day off, and they honor us on labor day, and bring us food."

"They come to work, they take calls, and they help people in need. So for us its kind of like, whose taking care of them moment, so we want to be one of those people who step in and take care of them."

Olive Garden has kept up this tradition for years.

Giving them a meal they can share with their work family,when its hard to be away from home.

"It is a stress on family life, there is birthday parties and Christmas, and you're missing those things,

Outside of the annual Olive Garden labor day lunch,they don't get meals delivered often.
If they are not getting carry-out, meals are cooked by the staff.

"Historically it's the junior persons responsibility to cook, but we all really do pitch in to help and cook here.

Delivering these thank you lunches are part of the Olive Garden's community outreach program.
They see their first responders as a key figure in their lives.

"They're more than heroes, they're are best friends, everyday they are the people that look out for us."

Their help never goes unnoticed.