Local farmer concerned about squeeze on tariffs

Posted: 10:48 AM, Jun 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-29 14:48:56Z

Michigan business owners say they're feeling the effects of recent trade moves made by President Trump.

Ken Nobis is a third generation dairy farmer in Saint Johns. He says his cows churn more than 300 gallons of milk a month.

He says he looks at the Future's Market several times a day and recently it's just been red.

That's because trade partners like Canada and the European Union have retaliated against U.S. Steel and Aluminum tariffs by freezing shipments.

Nobis, who is a dairy farmer said, "I don't feel that it's right that hard working people have to pay the price in trade negotiations. President Trump has promised that he will take care of the farmers so I'm trusting that our message is getting through to him."

The White House insists these moves will strengthen America's position in the global trade market - righting decades of what they call unfair trade deals.