Local campground adjusting to burn ban

Posted: 7:42 PM, Jun 30, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-01 07:19:46-04

One of the big draws for going camping is sitting around the fire at night.

The last nine summers, Sally Hughes and her husband have spent it at Cottonwood Campgrounds.

"I love Florida but I can't stand 12 months of the year down there. It's too hot," Hughes said. "It's our salvation. If I didn't have this I don't know what I'd do."

This summer they brought along friends who only wanted to spend their nights by the lake.

"The big draw was a campfire at a lake," she said. "We had one last night with a great deal of safety with a hose right next to it. So we did have a fire."

Cottonwood owner, Marcia Schmidt says the Hughes focus to safety is why they were allowed to light up despite the burn ban.

"We just keep an eye on it. We talk to people when they come in and register," Schmidt said. "Tell them what's going on. Give them a heads up this is what we have to do."

The Delhi Township ban allows people to have fires as long as it's for cooking and is immediately cleared out.

"Campers in general are very responsible when it comes to campfires or anything like that," Schmidt said. "They don't do crazy things."

But to make sure nothing happens. She has crews walk the grounds each night.

"We know we can't have total control over what people do here. We can't constantly be monitoring them," said Schmidt.

What she is monitoring is if there will be a fireworks ban.

Schmidt like many is anxiously waiting for a decision.

"Let's do a rain dance tonight, everybody.

"The whole city do a rain dance and hopefully we'll get some rain," she said.

Until we get some rain she'll dance and also make sure her campers are keeping their fires small.