Local businesses host NYE events

Posted at 8:08 AM, Dec 31, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-31 08:08:17-05

The phones at Harper's in East Lansing haven't stopped ringing since tickets for the New Year's Eve party went on sale.

"We're having our annual extravaganza like we do every year," said Casey Comstock, the general manager at Harper's. "We've been sold out every year for the last 18."

And this year was no exception. 950 tickets sold, with more demand because of the Cotton Bowl.

"We just actually got new TVs down in Club Rush," said Comstock. "We got a ton of 60 inches. I think we got 17 or 18 total. So we're playing the game down there."

In Downtown Lansing, the Radisson is changing things up.

"We're taking our traditional New Year's Eve celebration, and turning it into a green and white tailgate party with dinner and dancing and cocktails and breakfast the next morning," said Kenric Hall, the general manager at the Radisson.

They're rolling out the green carpet instead.

"We don't usually have TVs, but we're bringing several big screen TVs," said Hall. "We have one in the ballroom, we have one in our pre function, that's our tailgate area."

So guests can watch the game anywhere they want.

"This is the next best thing because you can celebrate the New Year's Eve and you can celebrate a victory all in one place," said Hall.

The Michigan Princess is also changing things up for Spartan Fans.

"We've got a big screen TV, and we're gonna be having a satellite dish at the dock," said Captain Chris Chamberlain. "So we're gonna be getting it right on ESPN."

The boat won't leave the dock until the game is over.

"We love the Spartans," said Captain Chamberlain. "It's such a big deal this year that we really wanted to give people the full experience."

An experience that includes food on a three deck boat with dance floors on every level.