Lions invite Calvin Johnson to visit training camp after negative words

Posted at 3:22 PM, Jul 17, 2017

DETROIT, Michigan — Less than a week after former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson spoke about the leaving the Lions in Italy, there is news the team extended him an invite to training camp.

Detroit Lions President Rod Wood spoke on the Frank Beckmann Show on WJR Monday morning where he discussed the invite.

"I did invite him out to training camp. We'll see if he does that," Wood said. "Hopefully he shows up. He's a great player, we want to have him kind of in the tent, not outside the tent. And hopefully that's the way it ends up."

Last week, Johnson admitted that the Lions' losing record impacted his decision to retire.

"I was stuck in my contract with Detroit, and they told me, they would not release my contract, so I would have to come back to them. I didn’t see the chance for them to win a Super Bowl at the time, and for the work I was putting in, it wasn’t worth my time to keep on beating my head against the wall … and not going anywhere," he said to Italian media.

This wasn't the first time Johnson admitted his dismay for the Lions after his retirement.

He told the Detroit Free Press in May that he was unhappy with how things ended, especially because they asked him to repay a portion of his $16 million signing bonus.

Johnson has already worked with an NFL team this year. He visited the Oakland Raiders' OTAs as a special guest.