Legal expert discusses silencing order in Nassar case

Posted at 6:57 AM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-30 10:07:36-04

Most comments about former doctor Larry Nassar are negative ones.

"He is a monster," Attorney General Bill Schuette said.

"Nightmare," Rachel Denhollander, a former gymnast who filed a civil lawsuit against Nassar said.

"One of the most prolific child molesters in the history of our state," Jamie White, an attorney said.

But you might not be hearing many comments like that after an Ingham County judge signed an order limiting what attorneys and witnesses can say about one of Nassar's criminal cases. Professor of law Anthony Flores says- that order is a good thing for Nassar's attorneys-- because the comments about him are out of control.

"There's so much information on the outside concerning the case, they have to do everything and the motion is part of it to protect their client," Flores said.

Because with a case as notorious on a national level as Nassar’s, it can be hard to find jurors who haven't already decided upon Nassar's guilt.

"If I come in with my mind made up about a case and I'm a juror,” Flores said. “It's really hard to un-ring that bell."

Flores says the order is good for the defense attorneys, but the prosecutors shouldn't have a problem with it either.

"Legally, you have a duty to be an officer of the court and want it to be fair in front of the trier of fact," Flores said.

He says because like everyone, Nassar is presumed innocent until proven guilty.