LCC program helps kids go to college

Posted at 9:17 AM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 09:17:40-05

For a lot of students, college just doesn't seem like an option.

That was the case for Lansing Community College's Dr. Paul Hernandez. From a poor family in Los Angeles, he dropped out of school.

Life just wasn't going his way, until he gave education one more chance.

"Community college is where I bumped into those faculty, teachers if you will, that really embraced me," says Dr. Hernandez.

Now Dr. Hernandez is on a mission to help other at-risk students get to college, and Lansing Community College students are helping out.

"My education is very important to me and I wanted to help other people to pursue theirs," says Emily Esch, a College 101 volunteer who is in her first year at LCC.

It's all a part of the College 101 program at LCC. This semester, students from Grand Ledge and Eaton Rapids High School are coming to campus to interact with college students and LCC professors.

Now, things are really picking up. Next, semester volunteers will work with students at Lansing Public High Schools, St. Johns, and Bath High School.

"Being a part of this program makes me you know put my voice out there and say 'yeah, you can go to college,'" says College 101 Volunteer Ajaib Ali who is in her 2nd year at LCC.

The goal is to connect with students.

"Especially those that struggle in school," says Dr. Hernandez, "they think that college isn't for them and part of the day is to debunk that myth and to make sure they understand that absolutely college is for them."

If you want more information on the College 101 program call LCC at 1-800-644-4522.