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Law enforcement uses social media to find new officers

Posted at 4:20 PM, Jul 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-31 19:52:09-04

MASON, MI (WSYM) - — It's becoming increasingly harder for law enforcement agencies to fill open positions.

That's why they are now turning to social media to help find new officers.

"For the last handful of years, it's been a struggle throughout the entire law enforcement community," said Major Darin Southworth, Ingham County Sheriff's Office.

Major Southworth oversees the Ingham County Jail.

He said it was hard enough to get applicants, then 2020 hit, making it even harder.

"And then COVID strikes and now we have some racial and social unrest taking place," said Major Southworth.

Because of COVID-19, many traditional job fairs aren't happening this year.

Major Southworth has to think outside the box, which is where social media comes into play.

“We have to tap those that maybe haven’t considered a career in law enforcement. Take the information to them, where they exist, where they are spending their time.”

The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office started posting job openings on Facebook years ago.

Captain Mark Wriggelsworth said it allows them to offer more than just a job description.

"I think putting out some pictures and showing people what we have to offer them is a good way to get people to apply," he said.

If you are intersted in applying as an officer, contact your local law enforcement agency.