UPDATE: Ingham County Judge denies Larry Nassar's request to delay his criminal trial

UPDATE: Ingham County Judge denies Larry Nassar's request to delay his criminal trial
Posted at 9:52 AM, Oct 13, 2017


Larry Nassar's request to have his criminal trial delayed has been denied. Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina rejected his motion Friday morning. Nassar's lawyers asked to have jury selection and the deadline for a plea bargain pushed back until after he's sentenced in federal court on child pornography charges. That's sentenced for December 7. Judge Aquilina says a delay is unnecessary because the jurors will be instructed not to read or watch any media coverage involving Nassar. She also said, "I won't let another judge's docket affect this county's."

The cutoff date for any new motions in the criminal case is now October 20. All motions will be heard by November 3. Nassar's attorneys have until November 3 to appeal Friday's ruling. Trial is scheduled to start December 4.

Nassar is charged in Ingham County with 15 counts of sexual abuse involving patients and the young daughter of a family friend. He faces an additional 7 counts in Eaton County. That case is on hold until at least February of 2018. The judge is expected to set a trial date then. Stay with News 10 and for updates on Nassar's criminal trials and the civil lawsuit against him.


Former doctor Larry Nassar may not be going to trial until next year. His attorneys filed a motion to delay the proceedings, which are scheduled to begin on December 4th.

Various motions will be heard on October 13.

Another hearing on the motion is set for October 25th in Ingham County Judge Rosemarie Aqualina's courtroom.

Nassar will be sentenced on federal child porn charges on December 7th.

The former gymnastics doctor is charged with sexually assaulting women and young girls during medical exams.