Lansing tests new voting equipment

Posted at 6:23 AM, Aug 04, 2017

Lansing's new election equipment is being tested ahead of next week's primary election.

City Clerk Chris Swope and his poll workers are doing trial runs. He says everything is going smoothly, but they have come across one glitch. It happens when election workers forget to rip off the ballot stub which has the voter's identifying information.

Swope said, "The machine is set up to not accept a ballot with a stub on it, which is for the voter secrecy but sometimes when it's trying to return it that stub has come off." Election workers are required to rip the stubs off. With the old machines, the ballot would be accepted if they forgot.

Swope tells us they have been able to get the stubs out of the machines. He says they'll be doing more training to prevent this from happening Tuesday.