LSD, 'water lead tests came back clean'

Posted at 8:31 AM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 08:32:13-05

Mary Ann Burley has a granddaughter in a Lansing elementary school. She says the water crisis in Flint had her concerned.

"Everybody always thinks it could happen," Burley said. "I've known children that have had lead poisoning and that's more due to houses, but there's also the water."

Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul says that's why the Lansing School District tested the water in all of its schools, before anyone asked them to.

"It's a good, proactive approach to make sure the people in Lansing and the Lansing School District know that the kids are safe," Caamal Canul said. "There's no lead contamination."

The results of most of the 300 tests came back clean, and, in the few cases it didn't, the district replaced drinking fountains and faucets.

"And retested and they came back all clear," Caamal Canul said.

The water is lead safe, but not lead free. Some of the pipes in Lansing schools still have lead, and the District isn't currently planning to replace those pipes.

"As long as the water is treated appropriately in the way it's supposed to be, which would prevent the lead from any of the pipes from seeping into the water supply, then I think we're fine," Caamal Canul said. "That's what the EPA says, and I go with them on this account."

She added that the water that goes into the pipes of Lansing's schools is clean, and treated with corrosion control chemicals that are appropriate to keep lead from leaching off the pipes and into the water.

Burley says she's happy to hear the results of the test.

"I think it's important, and I think that they should continue to keep testing it."

Caamal Canul says the District does plan to test the water in all of its schools every couple of years and more frequently in older schools.

The Lansing School District sent out a letter to parents and guardians Tuesday about the results. Click here to view the letter.