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Lansing School District opening six new magnet schools

Posted at 5:32 AM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 05:32:05-04

The Lansing School District is trying to lure more students to its schools with six new magnet schools.

Administrators believe new specialized programs will help keep enrollment numbers stable.

The six new schools are Attwood New Tech, Dwight Rich School of the Arts, Eastern High IB/ Biotechnical, Gardner International, J.W. Sexton STEM2/ Early College and Pattengill Biotechnical.
The new changes will now focus on project based learning, which will give students the options to attend schools that specialize in technology international studies, science and the arts.

Lansing Schools District officials say they believe PBL programs are attracting more students back to the district.

Mitch foster, assistant: director of magnet programs

“The recent data is we are not losing students”, said the Director of Magnet Programs Mitch Foster.

“We had a decline historically but it’s leveled off and I think it's starting to go back up in overall enrollment.”

Officials say the Lansing School District is zone free, which means students are not limited to their neighborhood school.

Officials say bus services are also available but you must fill out a transportation application.

School begins for students in the Lansing School District Monday, August 27th.