Lansing Police honors fallen Dallas officers

Posted: 6:54 PM, Jul 08, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-08 18:54:39-04

 Each Lansing Police Officer has placed the mourning band over their badge to show solidarity in honoring the five Dallas Police Officers who lost their lives, Thursday.

"Being targeted just for being a police officer, you know that's tough for police officers to work through," Chief Mike Yankowski said.

But, he admitted he's not surprised by the shooting.

"It's still disheartening, it's hard to fathom," he said. "But in today's day and age, we're seeing an increase in individuals that will pick up a firearm and use it in a way that is just incomprehensible."

So, his Department will have a little more protection this weekend.

"We will try and utilize as many double teams as we can, partnering up our officers and just being more vigilant of our surroundings, based upon the information that we have," the Chief said.

"You could always have a mad man," Mayor Virg Bernero said. "We can't say it can't happen here, but I believe the steps we're taking everyday provide a layer of insulation in Lansing that might not exist in another community."

The Chief told Fox 47 News his Department continues to have officers wear bullet proof vests, focus on the best tactics and make sure they have a strong relationship with the community.

"Getting our citizens to know our police officers, to let them know they're human beings, that what happened in Dallas that those were mothers and father, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles," Chief Yankowski explained.

And, he said the tragedy in Dallas won't deter his officers from doing their job.

"They're resilient, they're going to continue to go out there and do their job to the best of their ability, regardless of the situation," he said.

The officers will wear the mourning band until the final funeral for the five Dallas officers.