Lansing Mayor Andy Schor talks neighborhoods, infrastructure in State of City speech

Wednesday night marked 37 days since Lansing Mayor Andy Schor took office and his first time at the podium for the State of the City Address; he says the city is already off to a good start.

Mayor Schor left the stage saying that he really wants to develop the city of Lansing during his term but he said that one of the things that's top on his list are the neighborhoods.

“That's the first thing that the voters are thinking about”, said Schor.

“They think about other things, they think about economic development, they think about success and growing the city but when they come home every day it’s their neighborhood that's the first thing they think about.”

The mayor is also thinking about the city's failing infrastructure.

"We talked a lot about roads to start because roads was the first thing that we heard and we're going to spend what we have”, said the Mayor.

Mayor Schor says he envisions a busting downtown, taking a little inspiration from the Motor City.

"Detroit from Eastern Market all across the riverfront it's awesome”, said Schor.

“I've been there. I love it. I love Downtown Detroit. I love Downtown Detroit up through Mid-town and i's love to see us do the same thing with our riverfront."

The mayor says the city is not only working to upgrade the riverfront in Downtown Lansing, he's also focused on the city's finances, starting with recommendations to fund $680 million in future pensions.

“We have a lot of different proposals from financial people and ideas of what we can do’, said Schor.

Mayor Schor also touched on the Larry Nassar scandal, expressing his support for the victims.

When asked if he believes the MSU Board of Trustees should resign, he said he believes that's up to university administrators and the MSU community.