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Lansing councilmember pushes for traffic study to reduce speeding

Posted at 8:03 AM, Sep 20, 2018

People who live in Lansing neighborhood say an accident is bound to happen if something isn't done to slow down traffic.

Now, a Lansing City Councilmember is working on a plan to stop drivers from speeding on residential streets.

First Ward Councilmember Jody Washington says people are concerned about the safety of pedestrians and children.

Washington says streets like North Clemens, North Fairview and Michigan Avenue are known fast traffic.

Wednesday, News 10’s Cryss Walker spoke with eastside neighbors and some say drivers are speeding and ignoring stop signs.

“People just ignore the stop sign right here”, said North Clemens resident Judy Brown.

“And they just go speeding through. Sometimes we'll get cars that goes 50-miles-an- hour down here.”

City officials say speed concerns will not be ignored.

“We hear about children getting hit on bicycles, we hear about motorcyclist being killed”, said Councilmember Washington.

“You know and as we become a more walkable, bikeable city, we've got to slow this traffic down.”

Washington told FOX 47 News there are many ways to encourage drivers to slow down, like by adding speed bumps and roundabouts.

“Actually even trees will slow traffic down”, Washington explained.

“Boulevards will slow them down. Some of our one-way streets, I think we really need to work on putting them back to two-way streets so people will quit that idea of it being a freeway.”

Councilmember Washington says her speed calming plan is still in the early stages.

She says she will be working with the mayor to find out which streets need to be a part of a traffic study before changes are made.