Lansing Community College raises tuition by 12.5%

Posted at 8:36 AM, Jun 22, 2016

Lansing Community College students are going to see a 12.5% increase on their tuition bills this fall, which is far higher than increases in the past few years.

The Fiscal Year 2016-17 budget was approved by the LCC Board of Trustees Monday evening. The $127 budget hopes to build on academic advising, student services, and programs such as Operation 100%.

This means a tuition increase of $11 per billing hour for Fall 2016 to $99 per billing hour will go in effect for in-district students.

Included in the budget is a $2.3 million increase in salaries and wages, the majority of which will support the addition of up to as many as 20 Student Success Coaches and four full-time faculty tutors.

“It is always difficult to recommend an increase in tuition,” said LCC President, Dr. Brent Knight. “The new rate will keep our value at a level that provides the highest quality of education while providing the most comprehensive support services to our students.”

Additionally, the Board of Trustees approved a change in the Residency Policy for students. The changes to the policy will make LCC more accessible by expanding the timeframe that students can qualify for in-district tuition and the acceptable list for documentation.