Lansing City Market to close

Posted: 4:41 PM, Jun 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-26 14:39:48Z
Lansing City Market to close
Lansing City Market to close

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says a river trail mainstay, the Lansing City Market, is set to close its doors.

FOX 47's Cryss Walker talked to Mayor Schor about why the city market is no longer a viable investment, and what people are hoping for the riverfront's future.

Mayor Andy Schor says the city market will close by the end of the summer.

The mayor says tax dollars that were intended to support a market, is no longer serving that purpose.

“Right now, it’s a bar and two stores”, said the mayor.

Mayor Schor’s says the city has to subsidize the market and right now he feels those dollars are not being used for its main purpose.

“We're concerned that we're putting $80,000 into subsidizing a bar”, Mayor Schor continues.

“It’s not truly a market there's not a variety of places to go for fruits and vegetables and things. That's what it used to be. Now it’s a bar and there are a lot of concerns about subsidizing a bar.”

The mayor says the city is making plans to either sell, lease or re-development the Lansing City Market.

The mayor says the final plans for the city market are yet to be determined but he does expect a new and improved space by next summer.