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Lansing City Council pushing ordinance for electric scooters

Posted at 10:38 AM, Nov 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-27 10:38:28-05

If you've been to Downtown Lansing lately you've probably noticed quite a few motorized scooters, either parked, or left laying all over the place.

That has prompted the Lansing City Council to talk about developing an ordinance to regulate them.

Currently there are two companies renting electronic scooters in the city of Lansing but soon Lime and Bird's short-term operating agreements will expire.

“They're operating under a temporary licensing agreement using our peddler's licensing agreement”, said Councilmember-At-Large Peter Spadafore.

Spadafore told FOX 47 a three-part ordinance is being drafted to allow the city to impound electronic scooters, ban its use in certain areas and require companies to get a license before setting up shop.

“Companies will have to have them to rent them in the city, so you'd have to apply with the city clerk's office, get a license and then have your license approved and then you can operate in the city”, Spadafore continued.

The council member also stated that the electronic scooters will be limited to 15-miles-per-hour and will be banned from the right-of-way without a permit.

A public hearing for electronic scooters will be held December 10th at Lansing City Hall.