Lansing Catholic High School to Build New...

Posted at 2:54 PM, Jan 30, 2016

For years Lansing Catholic High School has had to play its so-called home football games at Holt Junior High.

For the past seven years the master plan has been to upgrade a practice field adjacent the high school and make it into a glittering stadium. That time has arrived.

Those at the school were excited when the announcement was made Friday about the new stadium which is due to be ready for the 2016 season.

It is part of a long term $5 million facilities project which will eventually include fields for softball, baseball, soccer and a new gymnasium.
But the football stadium will be ready for the August 26th season opening game.

It's a two year project and lights, some grandstands, and an artificial turf field and 8 lane track will be installed beginning early this spring.
Tom Maloney, Lansing Catholic President, said, "It has been a long time coming and we are excited about it and we think it will be a great addition to our school. We are ready to go."

Jim Ahern. Lansing Catholic Football Coach is excited about the project. "A lot of people are involved in this and are worthy of thanks and praise for their efforts. It's been a wonderful project thus far and as I say a lot of thanks go to parents and the community."

The field will become the first artificial turf field in Lansing history and other districts will be keeping an eye on it.