Lansing area police departments embrace social media

Some local police departments are using social media as a creative way to reach out to their communities. 

Two of them seeing a lot of success are the East Lansing and Bath Township departments. 

They told FOX 47 News that it comes down to balancing what they post, from jokes to more serious posts. 

Bath Township started the trend, and saw so much success reaching many people in the community, that East Lansing followed their lead.

On their Facebook pages you may see a meme about police and donuts that will get thousands of likes, followed by an important scam warning. 

Officers tell FOX 47 News that this formula works to get more eyes on their page and when they need to alert the community to something important, Facebook is now a great tool for them to use.

"With our reach on Facebook, we were able to get that information out immediately to many of our followers who are local and they knew right away the dangers that was with that call," said Officer Avery Lyon of the Bath Township Police.

The success of the two department's Facebook pages has started a rivalry online between Bath and East Lansing.

Even making their officers more approachable outside of the cyber world.