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Lame duck protesters flock to Capitol

Posted at 8:00 AM, Dec 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 08:39:57-05

Michigan's legislature is cramming to pass dozens of bills in the lame-duck session, stirring up a lot of ticked off voters.

They say their voices are being ignored.

The demonstration started outside the Capitol before moving indoors where protesters filled the rotunda. They said they're upset about various bills but they all agree it's time to kill the lame-duck session.

"Who's ready to fight lame duck?" Sam Inglot shouted to the crowd.

Then, protesters chanted inside.

"Hey hey, ho ho, this lame duck has got to go."

Protesters say they already made their voices heard in the polls in November, and they are upset at lame duck legislators for trying to undermine them.

"We said what we wanted, we voted for what we wanted. And now they are trying to take that away. And to try to take away our power as the people who voted is despicable," Laura Rock said.

"This legislature is working to turn the clock on all of that work. I'm excited and I'm energized to see all these people here in Lansing working for a democracy and I hope we will encourage Gov. Snyder to veto all those bills," Brandon Jessup added.

Snyder said Tuesday at a roundtable that this was his fourth lame duck, and he didn't want to generalize the bills as all good or all bad. In addition, he said a lot of them still needed to go through the entire legislative process.

"I have made it clear and I've said that several times that I take this seriously. I do look at legislation bill by bill and, in some cases, you don't know what the final bill will look like. I owe them due respect to say what shows up at my desk I will carefully evaluate and make a decision best for the people of Michigan," he said.

Protesters added they will keep fighting, even after the lame duck period is over.

"There was a report from one of the political operatives that said the voters have a short-term memory and they won't remember in 2020 about the lame duck sessions. I want them to remember it," Karen Dunnam said.

The last scheduled day of the lame duck session is a week from Thursday. Lawmakers are expected to send dozens of bills to Snyder by then.

So far, the governor has signed one lame-duck bill that clears the way for a new pipeline to be built in the bedrock beneath the Straits of Mackinac. It will replace Enbridge's controversial Line Five.

FOX 47 News will let you know what happens with the other bills that make it to the governor's desk.