FBI raids Kalamazoo Co. home, 2 arrested for child sex crimes

Vicksburg FBI Raid
Vicksburg FBI Raid
Vicksburg FBI Raid
Posted at 4:12 PM, Jul 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-15 18:17:37-04

VICKSBURG, Mich. — The FBI raided a Vicksburg home Thursday, leading to the arrests of two people for child sex crimes.

Virgil Knowles III now faces charges for sexual exploitation of a child and distribution of child pornography, while Samantha Batts faces charges for sexual exploitation of a child and aiding and abetting the same.

In a criminal complaint, the FBI says an undercover officer went to a private group where people meet, talk about and trade pictures and videos of underage children engaging in sexual acts.

Vicksburg FBI Raid

The undercover officer posted in the group Wednesday, and Knowles replied saying that he is sexually active with family members, under the age of 13.

The FBI says Knowles also told the officer that Batts helps him use the children for sexual purposes.

The undercover officer obtained several explicit pictures of Knowles, Batts and the children.

Vicksburg Community Schools released the following statement to FOX 17 Friday, saying Knowles used to be an employee, but no longer is:

"By now many of you have heard the news about an FBI raid in Vicksburg and subsequent arrests.
We have been informed by the FBI that charges have been brought against Virgil Chandler Knowles III. Mr. Knowles was employed as a custodial and maintenance employee, but has not worked or been involved with the school district in any capacity since early 2018.
Contrary to some social media discussion, School Board President Virgil 'Skip' Knowles is in no way involved with the investigation.
At this time we have no further comment and are waiting, along with the rest of the community, for more details as police release them."
- Vicksburg Community Schools
Vicksburg Community Schools

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