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Sobie Meat's new employee with Down Syndrome spreads positivity

Posted at 10:20 AM, Nov 12, 2020

The glazed ham isn't the only thing sweet at Sobie Meats in Walker this fall.

"I'm very excited. I hope he sticks around for a while," says Sobie employee Missy Devries.

She is of course talking about their newest team member and friendly face, Tyler Huisman.

Not only is Tyler cheery and charismatic, but he also has Down syndrome.

His sister Anna Marie took to Facebook to thank Sobie Meats; "Not a lot of people give chances to individuals with Down Syndrome because they simply don’t know much about them. Businesses like this deserve to be acknowledged for giving him a chance to prove that he can work just as hard as anyone else."

And Tyler most certainly does.

At Sobie Meats you'll find Tyler washing dishes, sanitizing shopping carts, and helping with carry out every Friday.

Devries says; "I think we all look forward to Friday's! He always seems to be coming in with a happy person smile on his face, and brings a lot of positivity!"

One month into the job and co-workers say Tyler's spirit is contagious.

So next Friday when you're picking up your weekend meats at Sobie's, make sure you give Tyler a hello.

It's the least we can do for the 32 year old man who's bringing more joy, and disinfectant to a West Michigan favorite.

"He's part of the team now," says Devries.

"So I think we've made a friend, and I hope Tyler makes a lot of a lot of friends here."

Tyler says he's using his Sobie Meats paychecks to save up for a guitar, as he's a big music lover.