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Jordyn Wieber files lawsuit against USAG, MSU

Posted at 4:22 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 09:31:09-04

Attorneys for Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Jordyn Wieber have announced the filing of a lawsuit against USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.

The lawsuit alleges that MSU, and USAG, hid former doctor Larry Nassar's criminal conduct from the public and from the police.

According to the suit, "Defendants actions allowed Nassar to remain in a position of influence and his unsupervised or negligently supervised conduct with minor participants and members made the molestation and abuse of minor participants possible.” It continues to allege that USAG destroyed Wieber's medical records.

According to Wieber, “My teammates and I were subjected Larry Nassar every single month at the national team training center in Texas. He was the only male allowed to be present in the athlete dorm rooms to do whatever he wanted. He was allowed to treat us in hotel rooms alone and without any supervision. Nobody was protecting us from being taken advantage of. Nobody was even concerned whether or not we were being sexually abused. I was not protected. My teammates were not protected. My parents trusted USA Gymnastics and Larry Nassar to take care of me and we were betrayed by both. And now, the lack of accountability from USAG and Michigan State, have caused me and many other girls to remain shameful, confused, and disappointed.”

The complaint is available to read here.