Jet's Pizza celebrates 40th anniversary

Posted at 11:28 AM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 11:28:17-04
Jet’s Pizza is celebrating their 40th anniversary this August. To pay tribute to 40 years of authentic handcrafted pizza and show appreciation to all of its loyal customers, Jet’s will be rolling back the price of their large, one topping pizza to its original price on August 26th, 1978.
On August 26 from 12pm to 6pm, large, one topping pizzas will be $4.99 with the code 1978. This offer is available for pick-up at all locations while supplies last and is limited to one per order.
In 1978, brothers, Eugene and John Jetts opened their first store together in Sterling Heights, Michigan as Jetts Party Shoppe and Pizzeria. The company has now grown to over 380 stores in 20 states. While Jet’s Detroit-style deep dish pizza made with Mama Jetts’ secret family recipe put them on the map, their salads, breads, Jetzees and variety of crust options are all among customers’ favorites as well. 
“Since 1978, one thing has remained the same here at Jet’s Pizza and that is our devotion to high quality ingredients,” says John Jetts, Jet’s Pizza Co-founder. “We use the highest quality and freshest ingredients at all our pizzerias across the nation. That is a value we have taken pride in since day one and always will.”
For the last 40 years, Jet’s Pizza has placed a special emphasis on the quality of their ingredients to ensure customers receive an authentic pizza that continues to live up their expectations. Every morning dough is prepared by hand, premium mozzarella is grated, vegetables are hand cut and sauce is made with fresh vine-ripened tomatoes mixed with Jet’s proprietary spice and herb blend.  Jet’s Pizza is better because it has to be.
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