Jackson Police keeping drivers safe

Posted at 5:38 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 17:55:21-05

When you're five and eight years-old, a snow day means.... "Not going to school!" according to Lucy Miller.

She and her sister Alice told us they're big fans of playing in the snow.

"I like it, because we can build snowmen," Lucy said.

And, they made snow angels and even had a snowball fight.

The girls' Mom picked the girls up early after noticing the dangerous road conditions.

Police said that was a smart move.

"The weather's only gonna get worse, so biggest concern is get people home safely tonight and once they get home, I encourage them to saty at home," said Jackson County Sheriff Steven Rand. "This should clear up pretty quickly, but we just need to give the road crews a chance to get to it."

So far, Sheriff Rand told us his office has responded to 15 accidents. There have been 40 in the County overall.

"Fortunately most of the crashes have been just minor injuries or sliding off the roadway; but again, if people would just slow down, don't get on the roads unless it's absolutely necessary and just be very cautious and watch what's going on around you."

State Police will have more Troopers stationed at the most accident prone areas throughout the evening.

And if you do get stuck ...

"Stay in your car, because sooner or later somebody's gonna come out to help you. Last thing you want to do is get out on the side of the road, because if somebody else loses control you could end up being a victim," explained Lt. David Cook.

So if you can, stay home and maybe build a snowman instead.

Jackson Public Schools has cancelled on Wednesday evening activities. No word yet on if there will be classes tomorrow.