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Jackson officers to be honored for saving woman from gunman

Posted at 1:38 PM, Sep 13, 2018

A few local police officers are being recognized for their actions in saving a woman from an armed gunman in Jackson County earlier this year.

The Law Enforcement Education Program is presenting outstanding service awards to Tom Tinklepaugh, Rachel Kuhn, and Sgt. Tim Hibbard.

These officers will be recognized for their bravery after saving a woman from an armed gunman on Easter Sunday. The three officers responded to a domestic assault situation between Christopher Lamar hall and his girlfriend, Heather Jurasek.

Hall walked out of the home firing shots at the officers while using Jurasek as a human shield.

The officers shot back, killing Hall. Tinklepaugh ended up shot in the leg and Jurasek also suffered a gunshot wound, although she ended up surviving.

The awards will be presented by the organization during a ceremony Sept. 21 at the Police Officers Labor Council/General Employees Labor Council Conference in Traverse City.