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Jackson County Sheriff: "I take full responsibility and ownership" for remarks

Posted at 9:06 AM, Feb 20, 2018

Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand apologized Monday after allegations that he made derogatory comments about women, minorities, and people with disabilities.

"As you're aware, I made some statements that were clearly inappropriate," said Rand in an interview with Greg O'Connor on WKHM Jackson's Newstalk 970AM 101.5FM. "I'm beyond embarrassed about those remarks, I take full responsibility and ownership."

The allegations against him came to light last week in a lawsuit filed by Jackson County Sheriff's Lt. Tommy Schuette.

"I intend to move forward and restore confidence in myself and the office I represent. Despite my personal shortcomings, I ask that you continue to support those hard working men and women of this department because they also deserve better than what I've given them," said Rand.

Sheriff Rand also said he's asked the Michigan Civil Rights Commission for help in starting the process of reconciliation, and his reaching out to people on a personal level to make amends.

The allegations have drawn public outcry and criticism from Jackson community leaders. Approximately 30 protesters gathered in Jackson on Sunday, calling on Rand to resign. Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies and city council members are also asking Rand to step down. The Sheriff made no mention of a resignation during the radio interview.

A Jackson County Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night. FOX 47 will keep you updated.