Jackson County Lake Drownings

Posted at 10:00 AM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 10:00:52-04

An update on two separate drowning at lakes in Jackson County. The first happening at Vandercook Lake last night just before 9 pm and less than an hour later. FOX 47's Marcus Dash followed this story.

The drowning at Vandercook Lake took place late last night.  Witnesses told FOX 47 people formed a human chain to try and save the man. He died shortly after at Henry Ford Allegiance.  40 minutes later at Big Wolf Lake, a firework show was going on, but other lights distracted from the show.

Tom Carson and David Haupt live near the lake and were there last night and told FOX 47 what they saw.

"The spotlights were shining down and it looked like they were circling around looking for something we saw a bunch of ambulances over there," said David Haupt.

"It was a bit of a different show because we didn't really know what was going on," said Tom Carson

What was going on was Jackson County Sheriff's Department along with other agencies were searching for a 55-year-old man that went under the water a little after 9 pm Tuesday night, but there was so much going on between the boats in the lake, and the fireworks. People didn't think much of the authorities being there.

"We saw the lights going off and everyone was wondering what was going on, we had no clue, but we were paying more attention to the fireworks," said Carson.

The search went all through the night. Members of the Sheriff's office dive team and Marine Patrol divisions assisted in the search, finding the man at around 11 am Wednesday morning. 
A resident told news ten that drowning has never been something this community has dealt with.

"It was really a different experience for us last night in all the years we've been here we really never had issues like this before," said Haupt.

The American Red Cross urges you to always swim with a buddy and don't drink alcohol before or while you swim.