Jackson chapter of the Well Armed Woman meeting

Posted at 8:35 AM, Jan 15, 2016

The brand new Jackson chapter of the Well Armed Woman is meeting for the first time Saturday and their message is clear. Women have no reason to fear firearms.

"Firearms and shooting seems to be a very male-dominated industry," said Marcy Jankovich, co-leader and range safety officer.

The ladies met at the Brooklyn Sportsmans Club to talk shooting and safety.

"Educate, empower and equip."

An epiphany about guns led Vanessa to the shooting range.

"I didn't have to be afraid."

But for a lot of women, the fear is real.

Having never touched a gun myself, firing a loaded weapon seemed foreign and scary. With a range safety officer by my side, they taught me how to shoot. Whether you are a newbie, or a competition shooter like Svetlana, this group is all about safety. Especially when it comes to concealed carry.

Co-leader Marcy says self-defense like this is a right.

"If somebody doesn't want to be involved in it, I hope they are never facing somebody else with a fire arm."

But with a rash of gun violence across the country, gun control remains one of the most controversial issues in the U.S. right now. Many want to say goodbye to guns permanently. Or at least see major restrictions placed on gun ownership.

For these women, it's training for the unimaginable.

"Ideally, we are never having to pull that weapon."

Refusing to be the victim.