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Izzo asked during press conference about former player

Posted at 9:32 AM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 09:32:04-05

MSU Head Coach Tom Izzo held a post game press conference for the third time since a bombshell ESPN Outside The Lines report came out last week that made sexual assault allegations against his program.

For a third straight session with the media Izzo refused to answer questions about it.

He's also not answering questions about his silence either.

He was asked repeatedly about the claims made by ESPN which allege that his program failed to properly report a sexual assault allegation made against two of his players and staff member Travis Walton back in 2010.

ESPN reported Walton remained on Izzo's coaching staff while facing a misdemeanor assault charge and was later fired after being accused of sexual assault.

Earlier this week, Walton issued a statement in which he denied both the sexual and physical assault charge.

Walton also denied he was fired by the program.

ESPN reporter Michelle Steele asked Izzo during last night's press conference after MSU's 76 to 68 win over Penn State about Walton's denial of the "Outside The Lines" report.

Izzo said he's given his comments and didn't have anything 
additional to say.

Steele then followed up with another question.

"Do you have any idea on when you can provide a timeline of when you can provide a full account of those players involved in that OTL investigation?"

Izzo siad, "Yeah, I think there will be a time where I'll be able to speak but it is not right now. There's too many things going on and you know with those survivors and everything so I'm just going to stick to my guns and tell you that I still have great support for the survivors but I'm just not going to have any comment on this whole situation."

Other members of the media asked Izzo about what his past week has been like since the ESPN report came out and following the departures of former president Lou Anna K. Simon, and former athletic director Mark Hollis.

Izzo said, "I'm just going to handle it by keep working,, keep my mouth shut and keep doing my job."

The Spartans next game will be on Saturday in Indiana against the Hoosiers. Tip-off is scheduled for 8:15 and the game can be seen on ESPN.