"It's disturbing"; Holt community members react to Nassar

Posted at 7:28 AM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 10:47:37-05

"It makes me feel just... disgusted," Rebecca Urban said.

Urban and her two children live just a few doors down from former doctor Larry Nassar.

"It's disturbing to know somebody like that who has been in this neighborhood for a while lives just down the street from me,” Urban said.

She lives so close that our reporter took a walk down that street, where he tried knocking on Nassar's door for a comment from his family.
People were in the house, but nobody answered.

Other neighbors didn't feel comfortable talking about Nassar on camera. We went downtown where we found somebody who did: Nick Bigelow. He played football for Holt High School where he says Nassar would work on him and his teammates. When Bigelow learned what his former doctor was charged with, he felt:

"Shocked,” Bigelow said. “I had to read it twice and then i read up on some articles and some links and it was really him."

Bigelow says it really opened his eyes-- other people in the Holt community feel the same way.

"It's sickening to say the least," Michael Moore, who lives in Holt said. "Makes you think who else is like that?"

"Anything like that can happen, even in a small town like Holt." Where Nassar was a big name.

An Ingham County judge will hear testimony Friday morning to decide whether there's enough evidence to send Nassar to trial.